Monday, February 17, 2014

A jumble of thoughts.

Michigan is under another winter weather advisory tonight.  I'm hearing anywhere for 3"-5" all the way to 8"-10".  Thankful for fires in the fireplace, a snuggly husband, two warm and fluffy pups, and a neighborhood that looks beautiful covered in snow.

I finished Stephanie Nielson's memoir, "Heaven is Here", today.  She took my breath away with her story.  She is just amazing.  I am so inspired by her. Inspired to be a better wife, to trust God, to appreciate the simple things, and to see the beauty in every moment. Her story made me both smile and cry.  What a beautiful, beautiful soul you are, Stephanie!

Lance and I are going to pick up a bunch of pallets this evening so that I can start on a project that I thought of yesterday.  It includes paint, sand paper, and some nails. Sound simple?  I sure hope so! Hopefully I'll have a finished project to post soon. 

Lance and I are a little over a week into our cleanse purification program. Feeling great but still craving pizza! ..and cheeseburgers ..and chicken shwarma ..and cupcakes! Two more days and we can begin eating chicken and fish, though, and that will feel just as good as pizza :)

Thankful for a four day weekend.  It was so nice going to bed last night knowing I didn't have to set the alarm.  And bonus that I get to do the same tonight!

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